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Devora Holder-Nuriel, IP Manager Shamir Optical Industry, Ltd.

I was lucky to have Gil as my direct manager while he was the IP manager at Shamir Optical Ind.

Gil set up the in-house IP department at Shamir, coordinating all aspects of IP activity- strategic development, mining, portfolio pruning, admin, etc.


With nothing but an engineering background, Gil took me on and took the time to teach me the basics about patents, and involved me in all of the activity surrounding strategic portfolio development and patent prosecution. Having extensive knowledge about patents and a great deal of IP experience enabled Gil to cultivate a network of engineers he could work with to generate valuable IP.


Gil invested a great deal in educating the technical teams and management about IP, and turned them into full partners in IP processes. He is a great teacher. He knows how to reduce complex problems to their elements and simplify them.


Gil is fun to work with, and his amazing work ethic is contagious.

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