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UnOrthodox IP Strategy

You face a tangled web of Intellectual Property (IP) issues and laws every day. You do this while trying to lead and innovate? Yes, it’s tough out there. Too many bright minds get bogged down by the nitty -gritty of laws and being copied. It's a real headache, but here’s the good news: At Perl IP, we’ve got a fresh way to keep your ideas safe, without any of that stress.

“I look for economic castles protected by unbreachable moats.”


“The most important thing to me is figuring out how big a moat there is around the business.”


– Warren Buffett

At Perl IP, we build moats and will help you design yours.


 Innovation Anxiety

You know the feeling, you're all fired up about your next big thing, then legal jargon and the fear of someone stealing your thunder bring you down? It’s pretty common among folks trying to shake things up with their innovations. Creating something new should be all about the buzz, not fretting over legalities.

Innovative IP Strategies

That’s where Perl IP comes in. We’re not your average suit-and-tie lawyers. You get to work with a mix of strategists, techies who've been in the trenches, and business minds who think outside the box. Turn the whole idea of protecting your smarts, your IP upside down.

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Strategic Simplification

Stick to smart rules like the 80-20 principle to shake up the old ways of doing things. It’s getting you 80% of the value with just 20% of the effort. It’s all about working smarter, not harder. The aim is to keep you out of trouble before it even starts, making sure your business goals and your peace of mind are front and center.

Confidence Guaranteed

Worried about taking the leap? We’ve got you covered with a promise: if you’re not feeling more confident after our deep dive, we’ll hand your investment right back. Innovating shouldn’t be a walk through a minefield. With Perl IP, it’s more like a straight path to success, every step clearly marked and secure. Let’s make sure your journey is about celebrating milestones, not worrying about missteps.

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In-depth understanding of the IP landscape = Unprecedented business strategy

How does it work?

  • With a straightforward chat, 30 minutes, no strings attached, meeting to see what you need.

  • If it feels right, then a deeper dive in the Discovery Engagement Phase, to uncover the heart of your IP and business strategy.

  • Finally, a plan is crafted that’s all about making the most out of your hard work.

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The Patent landscape is one of the lesser-known resources for fine tuning your business strategy.

Next steps?


You decide if you want to get deeper advice from us. With a promise…it’s worth it! Think of Perl IP as your guide, making sure you navigate through the IP world safely, making your growth and success our top priority.

Let’s take a closer look at the steps:

Step 1 - Orange
Step 2 - Orange
Step 3 - Orange
Step 4 - Orange
Step 5 - Orange

Innovation should be an exciting journey -- not a minefield of complications.

Let Perl IP guide you along a path where each step leads to success.

Joey Schnurr, Technical Director - Infrastructure Simulation

The Electric Infrastructure Security Council

In the complex maze of IP development, Gil is an expert navigator. Working with Gil, we quickly learned that a good idea and a good patent lawyer are only a small part of building an effective IP portfolio. His deep and practical experience allows us to avoid countless pitfalls while his realist approach helps us streamline our process and align our IP development efforts with our goals.


Gil takes full responsibility for the IP development process, working closely with the R&D team to zero in on those aspects of our inventions that most effectively protect company IP. He leads the process of transferring those ideas into effective patents, guiding drafting, prior-art search, claim development, interfacing with patent attorneys, strategizing the application process and more.  


Simply put, if you are looking to protect your company's IP, your best bet is to work with Gil.

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