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Yuval Carmon, CTO Shamir Optical Industry, Ltd.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Gil for a few years, on a number of projects.


In the past few years Shamir’s R&D activities expanded, we knew that we needed to better protect our innovations and IP assets.In the past, we had filed patents , but had no overall IP strategy or plan.We realized that we were investing significant resources, but we were not leveraging our innovations and missing opportunities.


We were aware that we needed to file additional patents, but did not feel we could do it ourselves.We wanted to ensure that the investment would be money well spent. We decided to enlist an expert to help us maximize the potential of our IP portfolio.

"When Gil came on board, he adopted a holistic approach.  He took inventory of the company's innovations, studying our R&D activities, and marketing plans.  He built an IP foundation for the future that integrated the company’s legal, business and technology units. 

At the time, we were in the midst of a licensing activity with another party and launching a new product. Gil led the IP related aspects of the licensing negotiations. He also facilitated innovation sessions to identify additional features that could be patented prior to the product’s introduction.


Shamir Optical Industry, Ltd. develops, designs, manufactures, and markets progressive and single vision lenses and molds. It serves opticians and optical laboratories through retail stores in Israel and internationally.

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